Elephant Cooperation’s New Initiative “Elephants To The Rescue”

EC Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The steep decline in African wildlife tourism has severely impacted the livelihoods of people living near elephant areas where food insecurity is a growing concern. Find out how Elephant Cooperation is alleviating the hunger and how you can help feed the future.

The world has been drastically disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, but the work to protect Elephants continues. We are in constant communication with our African partners to understand and address the immediate needs resulting from the economic stress of measures taken to stop the spread of the disease. Now more than ever, Elephant Cooperation is focused on financially supporting the people adjacent to wildlife areas, including feeding children, their families and the rangers who continue to fight wildlife poaching.  We are calling on our supporters to join us in this time of exceptional need to help us support those on the frontline protecting Elephants.

How We Support The Elephants & People


With rangers and surveillance


Through missions and marketing


Providing sustenance and education


Sharing best practices and resources

Attend A Mission Trip

Attend A Mission Trip

Wild Tomorrow Fund

Support A Ranger

Support A Ranger

Walk With Rangers

Build A Greenhouse

Build A Greenhouse

Wildlife Works

Keep A Drone Flying

Keep A Drone Flying

Air Shepherd

Our mission is to save the African elephant before it is too late by:

  • Protecting elephants and their habitat
  • Feeding and educating children and their communities
  • Flying drones and supporting rangers


Elephant Cooperation is a unique 501(c)3 focusing on nonprofit cooperation, best business practices, and creating leaders.

EIN: 81-3209656

The son of a biologist, Scott Struthers grew up with a love for animals. At 15 years old, he took his first trip to Africa and discovered the magic of the continent and its incredible wildlife. Years later, Scott took his daughter when she turned 15 and noticed a substantial difference in the African landscape and its inhabitants.

In 2013, Scott decided to focus time, funds and energy on conserving African elephants. After attending the Air Shepherd Summit in 2014, he began conceptualizing Elephant Cooperation.

In 2016, Scott traveled to Africa to conduct in-depth research. He explored South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, where he noticed the rapid depletion of the African elephant. His heart hurt to see these iconic beings heading towards extinction. As a result, Elephant Cooperation was officially founded with the intent of his grandchildren having the same opportunity of seeing wild elephants and other fantastic animals while helping communities in need.


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