According to the International Ranger Federation, more than 100 rangers were killed in the line of duty in 2015. Without the rangers, elephants would be in even more danger. Rangers are risking their lives to protect Africa’s treasured wildlife. This means sacrifices like long periods away from home and small pay. You can help make their lives easier by buying them items they desperately need.


Rangers sometimes walk up to 30 miles a day. This causes great wear and tear on their boots. To get their boots repaired, some rangers have to walk 8 miles to the repair shop and 8 miles back. A new pair of boots will allow a ranger to have the proper footwear needed for the job.


Many rangers receive very low pay, with wages being $2 a day. Often they will not be paid for months, which means an absence of money to send home. This creates hardship for the rangers and their families. Supporting a ranger’s salary will allow them to carry on protecting the wildlife while having a stable income and livelihood.


Vehicles are necessary for rangers to act on poachers. Supplying rangers with vehicles, new tires and maintenance, will allow the rangers to patrol the ground more effectively.


Most rangers consume small portions of food on duty. Their meals usually consist of maize, kale and sometimes lentils. This meal can feed rangers for a full day.